Calling All Snowbirds

‘Tis the season – to abandon winter, if you can.

Yes, we haven’t had a good whomping of snow yet. Not that we’re complaining. But two and a half weeks into 2015 we have had what can only be called “nuisance weather.” You know what we’re talking about – wintry mix, usually terribly timed to coincide with rush hour, not to mention cold temps. Which lead to our old friend. Hello black ice, we haven’t missed you. At all.

Wintry mix we love the not. (via Flickr/Lisa Clarke)
Wintry mix…how we love thee not. (via Flickr/Lisa Clarke)

This is our way of saying that if you have the means to bail on winter, we can’t blame you one bit for exercising the choice. However, if you aren’t going to be local until spring, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind:

Let us know!
If we know you’re leaving town we know not to be weirded out by the silence. (Yes, you can totally tell when someone hasn’t been in the house for several days.) Also, we know to call and ask if you want us to clean and bill less frequently.

Leave the utilities and heat on, please!
We can clean around a lot of things – kids, pets, home office workers, temporary power outtages. But cleaning in meat-locker temps and no power for months on ends is a whole other story. If nothing else, please program the thermostat to turn up the heat when we’re scheduled to be there, or let us know how to do so.

Tell us how to disarm the alarm system.
Unless you want us to set off the alarm every time we come to clean, and want to be tracked down by your alarm company as a result.

Where does the mail go? 
We routinely collect and keep a client’s mail in a designated area, and we can do that for you. But if you’re planning to be gone until spring, it might be better to have the post office hold your mail. The better to toss all the junk mail into the post office’s recycling bin before you bring the really important stuff home.

Water, please! 
We can easily water your houseplants, but you’ll have to leave explicit directions. Especially about, say, that slightly finicky orchid that might want more of a misting.

And who’s walking the dog? 
We’re a pet-friendly company, and we’ll be happy to clean out and replace food and water in the pet’s dishes. But if you need more than that, you will need to hire a professional pet sitting service.

One thing to remember, even if we continue cleaning your home on a regular schedule in your absence, you can look forward to a smaller bill. An empty house does need some upkeep, but it’s nothing like cleaning while you’re living it in – there’s less trash, spills, foot traffic, or linens to be managed. Something else to look forward to while you enjoy a warm winter!