Cleaning Out Fireplaces

Admit it, this is how you’ve survived the thought of another six weeks during this Polar Vortex winter. (image via Rajiv Patel)

Just a guess – If you have a fireplace, you’ve probably used it this winter. Maybe you’ve used it a lot. As in, there are ashes needing to be cleaned out nearly any given time. And yes, that is a service we provide, but only if you specifically ask.

A cold fireplace
We’ll clean that, if you ask us to! (image via Stefano Mazzone)

Why? For a couple of really good reasons.

Is the ash real?

You can’t always tell the difference between real ash and the fake kind many clients have in gas fireplaces. And yes, we’ve accidentally thrown away fake ash. We’d like to avoid that – we want to clean your house, not redecorate it!

We’ll do it ourselves.

Many clients prefer to clean their own fireplaces because they are concerned about fire hazards or want to use the ashes for gardening or landscaping treatments.

So please ask us if you’d like us to clean your fireplace and dispose of ashes. If not, we’ll clean around it and polish the fireplace door knobs, and leave the rest to you.