A lot of our clients telework, especially during the summer. And they ask if it will be a problem if they’re working from home during a scheduled cleaning appointment. The short answer is—no.

We are used to working around pets and children. Working around you if you’re teleworking from your home office or the dining table is no different.

That said, it is helpful to keep a few things in mind so you can work from the comfort of your home while we leave it clean as planned.


Let us know where you’re working from and put a big “private” sign if you’d like to be undisturbed. This is especially useful if you don’t have an office with the door. If we know you want to be left alone, or are working from a particular spot in the house, we’ll save vacuuming around you for last. If you wish, we’ll leave it alone until your next scheduled appointment. Yes, this does mean that if you’re working around the dining table, then the floor under it is going to be unvacuumed/unswept/unmopped. But that is your choice to make. And well, dirt’s not going anywhere, is it? It’s why we come back on a schedule.

Recycling? Trash? Drafts of the next annual report? We don't know the difference.
Recycling? Trash? Drafts of the next annual report? We don’t know the difference. (image via Brian Burger/Flickr)


Be sure to tell us what’s not trash. Because unless you’re truly able to do without all paper—oh please share your secret if that’s the case!—the cloud has yet to replace or do away with all paper. So please do mark your trash, and don’t put your important working documents in anything resembling a trash or recycling bag. Those things are handy, but we might think they’re trash unless you tell us otherwise!

Are those headphones going to keep out the vacuum cleaner? That's for you to decide.
Are those headphones going to keep out the vacuum cleaner? That’s for you to decide. (image via Loic Le Meur/Flickr)


Let us know when you plan to be on a phone call so we can make sure not turn on the vacuum cleaner at that time, or perhaps just not be in that part of the house. Some clients are able to deploy the mute button and still work while we do our thing. Others need complete silence. Figure out what works best for you, we will adjust!

And this brings to the most important thing to keep in mind….


The biggest factor that affects our ability to clean around you is your own comfort level and docket for the day. Do you get easily distracted by people walking and working around you? Are you going to find yourself chatting with us? Do you have phone calls planned? And will it bother you that we can’t clean the dining table because you’re working at it? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then yes, it’s probably best for you to reschedule.