The Kids Are Home! And We’re Fine With That.

Does it seem like the kids have been out of school more than not this month? It sure seemed that way to parents – the Washington Post had more than one article on the subject of snow days, and the confusion and havoc it wreaks on everyone’s carefully calibrated plans. But of course, MTC doesn’t cancel unless the weather’s truly terrible.

So. How does it work when your kids are unexpectedly home on a day we’re supposed to clean your house? It’s fine, actually.

A perfect morning in our kitchen
via Suzette Pauwels

We do ask that your kids not actively be underfoot and in a room while we’re in it. But other than that, we don’t mind, and you shouldn’t worry about it one bit. MTC takes pride in being a business that puts people first – and it’s not like we don’t have families!

If anything, our ladies report that it’s nice to come home to your kids. Because they’re usually the first to welcome the cleaning teams into the house. Kids fill a place with laughter and chatter. They charm with their offers to help, and the pride with which they show off their homework and new toys. And then there are the kids who want to show how they also know “vaccum” with their toy vaccums. Kinda hard to do anything but smile at that.