open windows overlooking tiled roof
via storebukkebruse/Flickr

Finally! At long last, winter may actually be over. Yes, we’ll have a few chilly mornings, but for the most part, we see spring—or as we like to call it, “open window weather.”

Admit it, you’re ready to open up the windows and let in some fresh air. Your house needs it. If you have cloth-upholstered furniture you definitely need it. And you’re glad to have some free ventilation between heating and cooling bills. But open windows mean ….

Breezes And Broken Things

If you have shades or curtains next to an open window, take care to move small objets d’art away from them. They may frame the windows nicely, but a strong breeze can knock them over.

Confused HVAC Systems

We see this often. You open up the windows, but you forget to turn off or adjust the HVAC. Meanwhile it’s cooler or warmer than it was when you left early in the morning. Hello, odd spike in your power usage and a corresponding bill you were hoping to avoid.

Dust And Pollen

If you notice a layer of dust over everything after we’ve been there, it’s not because we didn’t clean. It’s because you asked us to leave the windows open. If the dust looks vaguely golden, that’s probably pollen. Mesh and window screens only go so far! If you’d like us to shut your windows after we’re done with your cleaning appointment, just let us know. We’d like you to come back to a clean house. You can always open the windows again when you’re ready. Until then, enjoy the season, and leave the cleaning to us!