via Karen/Flickr Creative Commons
         via Karen/Flickr Creative Commons

Spring is here. Finally, and not a moment too soon! In fact, we may open windows and eat lunch al fresco today.

Of course, this is when two things happen.

First, more sunlight = more room to notice the, uh, dirt. Cobwebs, dirty windows, the whole bit. It’s not like we didn’t see it in the winter. But there’s more daylight for us to see them now AND we know we have less reason and time to clean them before that glorious first flush of “open window” spring.

Luckily, we are happy to help with your quandary, and are now booking appointments for spring, or rather “deep” cleanings. As we’ve mentioned before, if you bring us in for one of these in-depth appointments, keep the following in mind:

  • It’ll take us longer, especially if this is our first time at your place, so be sure to allow for that. We’d hate for you to be unpleasantly surprised with the bill.
  • Declutter before we get there. You know best about what is or isn’t trash/recycling/clutter in your home. And we can’t get to the corners if we can’t actually see them. FYI, if our crew is unclear about what they’re looking at, they’ll simply leave it alone. And you’ll have a very clean space – around the clutter. Speaking of which…..
  • We’ll dust anything, or keep our hands off things — per your instruction. Let us know what’s off limits. You’re also the best judge of what can or shouldn’t be moved. This is particularly important when it comes to knick knacks, antiques, or anything delicate. We train our crews to handle everything carefully. But they won’t know that your object A (which you may have gotten from Goodwill) isn’t the same as object B (irreplaceable and from some part of the world you’re not going to visit again) if they’re on the same shelf.
  • One last thing, about windows — we’ll happily clean them on the inside of your house. But we are unable to clean them on the outside. If you have cobwebs on the outside, you’ll still have to get those done separately.

We are booking spring and deep cleaning appointments. Call us now, and if you’re a new client, we’ll give you a nice discount! (Are you an existing client? Never fear! We have something nice for you too – stay tuned!)

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