image of guy sleeping on couch with feet sticking out and lots of pillows
Want us to come back when everyone’s awake? Call us in advance. (image by Eliza/Flickr)

The summer is slow, but it’s far from predictable. A combination of clients and staff on vacation plus more visitors than normal and kids back from college for the break frequently adds up to the following from time to time:

Who Are You?
It’s vacation time for everyone, including our staff and cleaning crew. This means you might find new faces from time to time at your cleaning appointments. Rest assured, we make sure that all cleaning crews are staffed with at least one, if not more crew members who know your house, the people in it, and the way you like things done.

But we’re still sleeping!
If you have guests, or teenagers who do not believe in waking up before noon, let us know in advance so we can adjust schedules and let everyone sleep in a bit.

You’re still here?
We try to be efficient with our time as well as yours. But guests, teenagers, their friends, more of you on working vacations and staycations, or simply an uptick of people beating the heat by teleworking….We will work around you, and try not to get in your way while doing a thorough job as always. But it can all add up to a longer day for us at your home.

Let us know what to expect this summer, and we will be as flexible as possible so you can enjoy the season—or avoid it, as the case may be!