Tricky Cleaning Targets

We take pride in doing a great job. But we’re not too proud to admit that some things pose challenges. When you ask us to clean these four things, it’s not that the job’s impossible, it’s that it takes longer. Here’s why:

Now that's a serious dust bunny ....(via Flickr/Bill Ruhsam)
Now that’s a serious dust bunny….(via Flickr/Bill Ruhsam)

Ceiling Fans – This one’s obvious. Fans run nearly non-stop on low speed through the summer and fall. All of a sudden the winter kicks in and you need to switch fan directions. Or perhaps it’s time to air out or clean up after the last of the holiday guests and college kids have finally left your house. Lo and behold, stopping the fan reveals a dust bunny that is amazingly still on the fan blade.

We can get it off without a problem. But have you met us? We’re not all tall, and not all your homes have standard 8-foot ceilings.

This job requires a drop cloth, and a ladder, which we bring in. But it’ll take time. And occasionally finding out who’s terrified of heights a second before the job begins.

Blinds – Again, not a difficult job. But tedious, detail oriented, and time consuming. There’s a reason you ask us to do this one!

Tops Of Tall Cabinets – This job requires time more than anything else. Because it’s a matter of taking everything down, cleaning off all the grime that collects on not just the cabinets but what’s on top of them, assuming you don’t want us to replace grimy things on a cleaned surface. You could help prep for the task by removing all the stuff that usually sits on the top of tall cabinets. And in fact, if they’re show pieces, vintage objects, curios or the like, we would request that you do so before we come in. For the simple reason that the less anything is handled, the less it is likely to be damaged.

The first rule of glitter - don't spill it. (via Flickr/Matthew Lewinski)
The first rule of glitter – don’t spill it. (Via Flickr/Matthew Lewinski)

Glitter – There’s a reason why “glitterpreneur” Mathew Carpenter in Australia is making news this week with his revenge glitter bomb company. And it’s why many a parent bans those things indoors (along with silly string, silly putty, and playdoh), especially if the house is carpeted. If that stuff gets in your carpet…well, may the force be with you. If your kid’s school diorama thingy requires glitter, may we humbly suggest a drop cloth and a light hand? And perhaps borrowing a super strong vacuum cleaner, the kind that’s more powerful that what you find in a store and what we’d bring. FYI – in case you missed it, Carpenter’s idea went so viral so fast that demand crashed his website. Apparently a lot of people on the planet have wanted to glitter bomb an enemy. And we totally get why.