Don't we all want a piece of that image this time of year? (image by Nick Harris/Flickr)
Don’t we all want a piece of that image this time of year? (image by Nick Harris/Flickr)

It’s vacation season, and no doubt you’re looking forward to that time off—even if it’s just a couple of days. But coming home usually creates two responses. You’re either energized and delighted to be “home sweet home!” Or, vacation simply didn’t last long enough and “ugh….it’s back to the grind.” And tell us if this sounds familiar: You were rested and relaxed until you opened the door and walked in to the pile of mail waiting for you, which made you notice everything else also waiting for you in your house, and now you have instant “tomorrow’s a school night” blues.

We know how you feel. Which is why we think you should schedule us to clean before you leave or, better yet, while you’re gone. Because when you’re away, we can do a few things that makes homecoming sweeter, and helps you hold on to that feeling of still being on vacation. 

Leave it to us. (Image by Morgan/Flickr)
Leave it to us. (image by Morgan/Flickr)

Take Out Trash
Even if you make every attempt to take out the trash before you leave, there’s the random bit(s) of garbage that gets generated in the two hours before the family packs up and takes off for a few days. And if it was, say, an apple core or an empty milk carton before that last breakfast, the garbage has time to….uh….age, shall we say. We’ll make sure your trash is taken out so you aren’t greeted by a science experiment when you return.

Deep Clean Appliances
A regular cleaning usually focuses on what clients need immediately and the most—vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, wiping down countertops, etc.

Which means that appliances can get ignored unless you put in a special request. Like the toaster with its crumbs, the somewhat spattered microwave, and the fridge. Oh the fridge, with its myriad shelves and nooks and crannies … Your vacation, when your bathroom and kitchen aren’t heavily used, is an ideal time for us to tackle those tasks.

Deep Clean Lite
A deep clean gets down to the tiny corners of your house, which is why we schedule them separately from a regular appointment. But if you’re out for any length of time, we might be able to do certain deep cleaning tasks such as cleaning down your baseboards in one room only, removing all your photo frames from the wall to dust more thoroughly than usual, take everything off the kitchen counter to sanitize (as opposed to a routine wipe down).

Fresh Linens
It’s amazing how quickly that sense of vacation can evaporate after you’ve unpacked, put things away, hit the store for fresh perishables, or maybe just need to unwind—again—after fighting traffic or dealing with flight delays on the way home. Extend the feeling of “room service.” Leave us a set of bed linens and we’ll dress the bed so you have clean sheets to come home to. We’ll also make sure that you have clean towels waiting for you. And for at least a short while, you can hold on to the feeling of vacation while still at home.

Ah, home sweet clean home. (image by Hywell Martinez/Flickr)
Ah, home sweet clean home. (image by Hywell Martinez/Flickr)