We believe that a cleaning service should make your life easier, not make you worry more. Unfortunately, not every company will provide you with top-notch service.

Have you ever found yourself having to call your cleaning service multiple times to try and get a problem solved?

Have you noticed that your service has been less than reliable?

Or are there other recurring issues that make having a cleaning company more of a headache than a help?

Maybe it’s time to switch.

Here are five things to look for to help you make that decision.

1. Are they good at communicating with you?

A relationship with a cleaning service is just like any other relationship that you have with people or businesses. And if you’re using a service on a regular basis, you want to have a positive working relationship with them: phone calls returned promptly, questions answered honestly.

So it’s a major problem if your current cleaning company takes forever to get back to you about your questions.

If you’re finding yourself calling them multiple times and leaving messages with no response, this is a definite indication that they’re poor communicators. You’ll likely continue to have problems getting your questions answered in the future.

It’s also a major problem if your cleaning company never seems to answer your questions in a straightforward manner. Are they dodging your questions or always making excuses? That may be a sign that there are other things they’re not doing a good job at.

If you find yourself constantly frustrated whenever you try and communicate with your service, that’s a major sign you need to switch.

2. Are there recurring issues that never seem to get solved?

Your current cleaning service was good for a while… and then service started to slip. Most of the house is cleaned, but there are always streaks on the mirrors, and that one room never seems to get vacuumed, even though you’ve asked.

It can be very annoying to call customer service and be met with an agreeable response (“Oh, of course we’ll fix it!”), and then the next week, the problem still isn’t fixed.

Many cleaning companies have a policy where you can call them if you’re not satisfied, and they’ll come back and fix the issue, free of charge. While this is a great policy – we have it too! – you don’t want to have to keep calling your service. That’s a waste of your time and energy.

Besides, as the customer, it shouldn’t have to be your job to monitor your cleaning service. They should do the job right the first time, and fix any problems as soon as they’re made aware of them. If you’re continually not satisfied, or if improvements aren’t being made, maybe it’s time for a change.

3. Has there been a rotating door of staff?

Do you find that there’s frequently a new member of staff servicing your home? Or are you always dealing with new people every time you contact their offices?

Employee turnover is a sign that a company itself has problems, which means that it can’t keep its staff around for very long. Some turnover is inevitable; after all, sometimes people move or decide to change jobs.

But if you’re finding yourself dealing with new cleaners every few months, or the person on the phone is always different, that’s more than the usual turnover, and a sign that something is wrong.

This may also be a sign that the company is going with subcontractors, or hiring people to clean homes who aren’t employed directly through the company. This is a shortcut for the company, but it means that the people in your home may not be properly vetted.

A good company, on the other hand, will have lower turnover rates. Its employees are happy to be there because they’re treated well and appreciated by the company that employs them. They are dedicated and want to stick around.

At Maid to Clean, we value all of our team members, so much so that some of our team members have been around since we started. And all of our cleaners are bonded, insured, and licensed, so you can trust that the people cleaning your home are going to do a good job.

4. Have you come home to alarms not set or doors left unlocked?

This one is a serious issue and speaks to the detail-orientedness of your cleaning crew. It’s not only their responsibility to clean your home, but to lock it when they’re leaving.

If you come home to find that your alarm hasn’t been reset, or your door hasn’t been locked, you may end up worrying that it could happen again. Hiring a cleaning service should make your life less stressful, not more.

We know that your home’s safety is just as important as getting a clean house, and every time we leave, we make sure that your door is locked and your alarms are set.

5. Is your service reliable and trustworthy?

It can also be frustrating if your service says they’ll be at your place within a certain window of time, but they’re always late or making excuses. You may even schedule your day around your service, so having them not be there on time can be frustrating.

Punctuality is something a service should value, because that means that they also value you, the customer, and your time. And a cleaning service should be punctual.

If you’ve found yourself annoyed and frustrated by one or more of the above issues, it may be time to switch cleaning services.

At Maid to Clean, we aim to do the best job possible, and leave you worry-free with a clean house. We value the relationships we have with all of our clients, and we want you to be happy with the finished result. We promise good communication and reliability, no matter if you’re using our services one time only, or every week.

If you’re ready to make the switch, give us a call today.