How does our green cleaning team stand up to other companies in the area? What are some things that set us apart from any other service out there? We have a lot that we’re proud of, and we’d love to share it with you!


It’s hard to make a decision about which cleaning service to go with. There’s plenty to choose from in the area, all of them promising you the best service possible. After all, everyone puts their best face on when they’re designing their websites.

So how does our green cleaning team stand up to other companies in the area? What are some things that set us apart from any other service out there? We have a lot that we’re proud of, and we’d love to share it with you!

When we say we’re green… we mean it!

Them: Many standard, non-green cleaning services are not focused on their environmental impact. They use a lot of disposable products, like paper towels and single-use spray bottles.

But even if you are aware of this and decide to seek out a green cleaning team, some companies that market themselves as “green” might not be as environmentally friendly as they’d lead you to believe. These companies may have just jumped on the bandwagon once they figured out that “green” and “eco-friendly” are attractive labels to customers.

But there’s no easy way to check that their business practices are actually helping the environment. This, unfortunately, means that the so-called “green” service you just hired might still be using things like bleach-based products.

If having your house cleaned with green products is an important deciding factor for you, always ask about a company’s business practices. This can help you figure out if a company is stretching the truth.

Us: We’ve prided ourselves on doing everything as green as possible since we started in 1996. We believe in it so much that it’s one of the core values of how we run Maid to Clean.  Our green cleaning teams use products that are effective at cleaning but won’t damage the environment, such as vinegar and baking soda. We wash and reuse cleaning cloths instead of throwing away paper towels, and we recycle as much as possible. If you’re curious about how we do things, just ask!

Even our offices are as eco-friendly as possible. For example, we’ve been running on solar power for a decade. Being environmentally friendly is at the core of our business, and we’re always looking for new ways to be green.

Our cleaning methods are 100 percent safe for everyone.

Them: Some cleaning companies can use dozens of different products. They may also use products that might be unsafe for your family and pets. Cleaning products are not a highly regulated market, so even common window cleaners can be full of chemicals that can make your family sick.

Others may also use products with strong fragrances, which make your house smell overpowering rather than clean and fresh. Your home might look clean, but is it worth it if you might get sick from the products that were used?

Us: We believe in the cleaning power of simple, natural products like baking soda and vinegar. They leave your home just as clean as the chemical-filled products, but they’re 100% safe for every member of your family, including your pets. You’ll have a clean home with none of the worry.

We even consider details as small as having HEPA filters on our vacuums, which helps get your house even cleaner.

These practices aren’t only for our clients’ sake; we also care deeply about our team members’ health. When we use our natural cleaning solutions, it means we’re not touching and breathing in toxic chemicals every day at work. It’s better for everyone involved.

We’re a truly local business, which helps us offer the best customer service possible.

Them: Like with any business, some services simply don’t have the best customer service. Maybe they’re not great at answering your questions, or you find it difficult to reschedule a cleaning service. Forming a good relationship with a company that’s coming into your home to clean is important.

Many cleaning services in the area are actually franchises of nation-wide chains. This can be good in some aspects – you can hire the service, knowing that their procedures and policies will be standardized across the country.

The downside of this is that your service won’t be as personal. You won’t always know the names of people who staff the office, or even the cleaners in your home.

And when you’re looking for information online, you may find that large company websites can be confusing and generic, meant to serve everyone in the nation. And if you have a question or an issue, you may have to loop through several phone trees if you want to discuss it with someone.

Us: For those of you who value supporting local and independent businesses, we fit the bill. We’re a locally-owned business right here in the Alexandria and Arlington area. We’ve chosen our area of service with care, and because of that, we have a deep understanding of our clients. We value the local community so much that we choose to give back in ways like donating to schools and food banks.

Since we’re a smaller, independently owned company, we’re able to offer better, prompter service than our competitors. We’re happy to take any special requests into consideration. You can also be assured that all of our team members are licensed, bonded, and insured. They’re all hired through us – we will never outsource work to temporary help.

We treat our team members well, so they can treat you well.

Them: You can tell how happy staff are by how fast the turnover rate is in your cleaning crew. Have you ever gotten to know your cleaner by name? Or do you frequently find that your cleaning crew has a new team member?

Many companies do care for their employees, treating them well. But not every company is this way, and it’s definitely something to look out for. As you can imagine, unhappy staff might not clean your place as well, leaving you with inadequate service.

Us: We still employ team members from when we first started Maid to Clean. We value our relationships with everyone, clients and team members alike.

If you have a crew come to clean your house at the same time every week, you’ll be happy to know that it will be the same people every time. This makes cleaning your house more efficient; we’ll know what we’re doing, and we’ll keep any special requests you may have in mind.

We’re not impersonal like some of our competitors. When you browse our website or call us, you’ll begin to recognize the names and get to know us on a more personal level. We even have our story front and center on our website, so you can get to know who we are.

Our clients are very happy with our services.

When we clean, we guarantee that we’ll leave you with a clean space that you’re satisfied with. We are detail-oriented, never just giving your home a quick once-over. We strive to make all of our clients happy. It makes no difference if you’re a long-term client whose home gets cleaned every week, or a one-time client who only needs your house cleaned after you move out. We’ll give you the same level of attention and care.

It’s this dedication that’s helped us earn top ratings in Washington Consumers’ Checkbook magazine, as well as winning the Angie’s List Super Service Award five times.

We love to build lasting relationships that go beyond a simple business transaction. Some of our clients are so happy with our services that they’ve been with us since the beginning. But don’t just take our word for it; you can read testimonials from satisfied customers here.

Are you ready to become another of our happy customers?