Accidents happen, even to the best of us. How do we handle the situation if one of our teams damages something while cleaning?

Maid to Clean has been around since 1996, and we have many cleanings under our belt. We love what we do, and so do our clients.

We work hard to prevent accidents from happening in our clients’ homes.

As one example, we have eliminated the use of harsh chemicals and bleach while we clean. You’ll never have to worry about your family getting sick from the products we use, or us accidentally leaving bleach stains. You also won’t come home to find a chemical smell.

We also pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service. We aim to answer all of our clients’ questions, and to be open with everyone we interact with. This commitment to good service has earned us decade-long relationships with both our cleaners and our clients.

However, we’re not perfect. Even the best cleaners who have been in the business for years can make mistakes sometimes.

We understand that you might be worried about letting a maid service into your home to clean your belongings. To ease any fears, we’d like to help you understand the worst-case scenario, and what we’ll do if something does get damaged while we clean.

Know that these problems aren’t unique to our company. They can happen to any maid service, or even to you, if you’re doing a deep clean.

We would like to work with you so that we can prevent accidents together.

Help us prevent accidents before our first visit

Before we come in for our first visit, it would be very helpful for you to check if everything in your house is hung steadily and appropriately. This is especially important if your home is older, and these things haven’t been checked for a while.

Are your pictures and mirrors hung up straight, or are they off-kilter? Rehang them to help steady them.

Are your towel racks wobbly? Or are your blinds coming off their anchor? Reattach them so that they’re steady.

Do you have a fragile, priceless item that you are afraid of breaking? You can either move it to a safer location, or let us know about it. If we’re aware that an object means a lot to you, we can work around it and avoid handling it.

Sometimes, things get damaged or broken due to an accident. But with your help, we can prevent the worst from happening.

You can also help us by giving us special instructions.

Another way to help us out is by letting us know if there is something special we should be aware of when we visit your home, even if it doesn’t have to do directly with cleaning.

For example, do you have an alarm system that goes off when the front door is opened? Tell us how to operate it so that there’s less of a chance of us setting it off and alerting you that there’s a problem. (This has happened before, so it’s very helpful if we know what to do!)

Also, let us know about your pets. We love our pets just like you do, and we want yours to be well-cared for while we’re cleaning.

Do you have a dog that might try and escape when we open the front door? Or a cat that might get locked out of her litter box if we close the basement door? Let us know.

By letting us know about potential issues ahead of time, we can work to avoid problems from occurring in the first place.

Be patient with us on the first deep clean

During our first visit, we’ll deep clean your home. This thorough first clean helps simplify our subsequent visits, allowing us to focus on maintaining that cleanliness.

During that first deep clean though, you should be aware that we will be moving furniture and objects around in order to thoroughly clean. We work in teams of three so that we can divide and conquer. Chances are, one person will move your furniture, while another vacuums, and a third mops.

While we try and put back your furniture and items in the right place, we don’t always know exactly how you have your home set up. Your items might not be put back exactly as they were, and when you get home, your home could look upside down.

This can be frustrating. Humans are creatures of habit, and we get used to our furniture being in a specific location.

But this is a one-time occurrence, which is why we ask you to be patient with us during our first visit. Your house will not always look disorderly every time we leave.

What happens if a problem does occur?

Our main goal in working with all of our clients is transparency. We take any issues and concerns very seriously, and we will never be dishonest or hide problems.

So if your blinds get damaged while we’re dusting them, or if an object gets broken due to an accident on our part, we will let you right away. Here’s how.

If we notice that something’s wrong, our maid service team will leave a note for you, letting you know what has happened. Our office staff will then follow up. We also have a field supervisor who goes by the home when they have been informed of an issue by the team.

We will then pay for the damage or rectify the problem.

Sometimes, there’s an issue that we don’t notice. Maybe we’ve accidentally bumped your thermostat while cleaning, or we didn’t lock the door correctly.

If for some reason we don’t notice a problem, you are more than welcome to contact our office and let us know about the issue. We guarantee satisfaction with our service, and we don’t want you to be disappointed.

We hope that this has helped you better understand what the worst-case scenario might be, and help ease any fears that you might have. If you have any more questions or concerns about Maid to Clean’s methods, feel free to contact us and talk with our office staff.