Spring And Deep Cleaning : What To Expect

Yeah we know. We woke up this morning to record-shattering bone-freezing cold. But the fact is, spring is close enough that later on today the National Park Service is expected to predict peak cherry blossom bloom dates. Before we know it, we’ll be flinging open our windows, and it’ll be time to spring clean and deep clean our homes.

Cherry Blossoms in DC
Spring. It’s not far. Honest. (via JoshBerglun19)

Spring is a busy season for us for a couple of reasons. First, traditional spring cleaning picks up – all the additional sunshine unfiltered by still mostly bare trees highlights every last smudge and cobweb. But second, and perhaps more importantly, spring is typically when the DC-metro region’s many residents (State Department employees, military, corporate executives) get confirmation for their next posting in time to move and get kids into schools by late summer or fall in their new residences. All of which means we get lots of requests for spring and deep cleaning appointments.

We can certainly help! But you might want to keep a few things in mind before you call to schedule a deep cleaning:

Call in advance.

Clean House
Or you were smart and hired us! (image via tiffany terry)

We’ll make your home sparkle in time for the open house. But a deep cleaning does take longer than a usual routine cleaning. It’s like having your car detailed – we get down into every last nook and cranny to make sure your house is clean with a capital C. It’s a longer process, and we need to factor the extra time into our overall schedule so we can continue serving all other regular appointments. So please call us in advance if your home needs a deep cleaning. We’ve cleaned homes with as little as two weeks notice. But we strongly recommend calling six weeks before to make sure your house is on our schedule for a deeper, more thorough cleaning that usual.

A longer appointment, and a higher bill than usual.

Depending on the size of your house we may have to bring in additional staff. But even if that’s not the case, a deep cleaning just takes longer. This does mean your bill will be commensurately higher. And while you’re probably watching every penny, you might consider it a small investment, one that will help you field several offers, hopefully above asking price!

Declutter before we get there.

Two bags of clothes for the women's shelter. #declutter
Linens? Trash? Donations? We don’t know. Please mark your things so we know what to do, or not do! (image via Julie Vazquez)

You probably know this, but the first step to putting your house on the market is decluttering. And there is nothing like going through all the tchotchkes, closets, and cupboards to generate huge amounts of trash. We cannot dispose of large items like appliances or old furniture – for that you need movers, not house cleaners like us. But we can certainly take out normal everyday household trash, and we’d be happy to help with that.

However, please keep in mind that we don’t know what you’re staging to pack, donate, or simply want to get rid off. We would hate to accidentally throw out your linens because you accidentally put them in trash bags – which can happen fast, given how they cost far less than moving boxes. So be sure to mark what needs to go where, and what trash you want us to take out.

Protect your floors.

Invest in felt pads, the kind that make it easy for us move your furniture to vacuum and clean without marking up your freshly refinished floors or scratching already old floor that don’t need any more “character.” They’re available in lots of sizes, and in addition to your floors – which you’ll want to keep pristine until after closing on the sale – your ears will also thank you every time you move the dining room chairs. Unless you don’t plan to eat at home at all while your house is on the market!

Don’t double-book us!

Hire us AFTER this part. (image via Derek & Sarah Grant)

It works best if you schedule us to come and clean after all the painters, contractors, movers, and stagers have come and gone. Having us there with other crews afoot is a recipe for disaster. Bring us in after you’re done with all the major pieces of putting your house on the market – decluttering, packing, remodeling, refinishing floors, staging. Better yet, schedule us just before the open house so that it’s as nice looking as possible before potential buyers arrive.

We’ll help your home make a great impression at the open house. Give us a call today!