Giraf en olifant op de Ark
It’s raining. Hard.

There are April showers and then there’s this epic set of near biblical deluges we’re apparently in for this week. No really, it’s not hyperbole when none other than the Capital Weather Gang says things like “build yourself an ark.”

But if the equally epic polar vortex snow of this last winter didn’t stop us, the rain sure won’t!

Please expect to see us as scheduled. Although we might show up a bit soggy, but hey that’s our problem. And we’ll come with extra towels to help clean up any rain we might bring in with us in your doorway.

If anything, what you might want to keep in mind is your power situation. If your power supply is vulnerable to wind and thunderstorms, then you might want to give us a heads-up. Although, as we’ve mentioned before, we can still clean your house and will do a very thorough “dry clean.”

This, by the way, is when we remind ourselves that May will be better. At least it won’t be wet and cold. And we’ll have more biking days! In the meantime, we’ll show up as planned.