It may still be winter, with spring a month away. But maybe you’re feeling a bit restless from staying inside for so long. Is it too early to start spring cleaning?

It may still be winter, with spring a month away. But maybe you’re feeling a bit restless from staying inside for so long. Is it too early to start spring cleaning?

Of course not!

In fact, it may even be better to get an early start on deep cleaning your home.

For one thing, having a clean, organized home is great for your mental and physical well-being. Your surroundings are surprisingly impactful to your health – clutter can be distracting to your brain. Plus, getting tasks accomplished can really help you feel a sense of pride in yourself.

As well, getting a head start on your spring cleaning by doing it in the winter means you can spend the first nice days of the year outside! How nice would it be to spend that nice March day in your garden, playing with your kids or doing yard improvement projects, instead of cleaning out your home?

Of course, it might be a little too early for certain tasks. It’s probably too chilly outside to open your doors and windows to start airing your place out. And some tasks, like deep cleaning the oven, don’t small great.

But a lot of things we think of as “spring cleaning” tasks can actually be completed during the winter with no problem. Here are some easy ways you can start spring cleaning in the winter.


Decluttering is an important first step. Even if you’re hiring a professional cleaning service, they can’t go through your shelves and closets for you. This is something you’re going to have to do yourself.

Decluttering seems pretty simple in writing, doesn’t it? Go through your home and get rid of things you don’t want or need anymore. Whether it’s all those expired coupons in your kitchen junk drawer, or that shirt you thought you’d wear but just don’t like, they’re just taking up space in your house.

But when you get around to actually doing it, the task of decluttering your home turns huge and intimidating. There’s so much to do and so little time. And for some people, throwing away or donating items is emotionally taxing.

To make it less overwhelming, break the major task of decluttering down into more manageable parts. You don’t have to do everything all at once.

Pick a room and focus your attention on it: this weekend, you will clean your bedroom and closet, next weekend, you can work on the basement. Smaller tasks like these are far more achievable.

You can also get your whole family to help. It will take a lot less time to get all the work done if you assign tasks to your kids, especially if you’re cleaning out their rooms too.

A long-term solution is to create a specific storage system for your items, if you haven’t already. It may be easier right now to toss things into a general “junk drawer,” or to not have a system for organizing your dresser. But that’s also an easy way for clutter to keep accumulating.

A quick, easy way to keep your storage system organized is by labeling your storage bins with what’s in them. This can be especially helpful for finding holiday decorations every year.

Of course, every family has different needs and priorities. A fashionista may have more reason to declutter their closet, which a cooking enthusiast may want to focus on cleaning their kitchen pantry. So prioritize your decluttering according to how you live your life.

Maintain all aspects of your home, from floors to appliances

With all of the time you’ve spent inside over the past few months, chances are, your floors are in need of some love. Whether it’s mud tracked in on your wood floors from your kids and pets playing outside, or general wear on your carpets, your floors might be looking worse for the wear.

A maid service can help you with a lot of your floor cleaning needs. We can vacuum up dust and pet hair, and mop up dirt from your kitchen and mudroom.

However, if your carpets are in need of a deeper clean, you may want to consider hiring a carpet cleaning company on top of your usual maid service. While this is an extra expense, it’s something you won’t have to do too frequently, and it can really refresh your carpets and make them cleaner.

Also consider scheduling other home-maintenance services now, rather than waiting for spring to roll around.

For instance, HVAC companies are often busier during the middle of winter and summer, when people are using their heating and air conditioning more. But you may be able to find good deals during the off-season. The company might also have more availability at this time of year.

Scheduling services early means that your appliances will be in working order before you’ll even need to use them.

General cleaning, year-round

Over time, your home will get dirty in random places. Your shower walls develop scum. Your baseboards and windowsills get dusty. Your kitchen counters collect crumbs and stains.

The best part of spring cleaning is having a home that’s completely clean. It can be a lot of work to deep clean your whole home, though. Why waste your free time on deep cleaning your house when you can spend your time doing more enjoyable things?

So why not let us help you take some of the stress out of spring cleaning?

During our initial visit, we will provide you with a deep clean, leaving every area of your home spotless. Our following visits will focus on maintaining that initial deep clean. With regular scheduled service, your home can be spring-clean fresh year-round.

You definitely don’t have to wait until spring to start cleaning, especially if you go with a service that will clean for you. Cold weather doesn’t have to be an excuse to not clean, and you don’t have to wait until spring to get into the “spring cleaning” mindset.

Are you ready to get started on spring cleaning? Whatever you choose, we’d be happy to help, as well as talk with you about which of our services best suits your needs.